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iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 Introduction

Welcome to iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16, a powerful software solution designed to streamline and enhance the management of your pet boarding and kennel facilities. With an array of features catering to the unique needs of kennel businesses, iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 is the go-to solution for efficient booking, scheduling, and overall administration. Whether you run a small-scale pet boarding facility or a large kennel operation, this software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify your daily tasks, ensuring a smooth and organized management experience.

Our user-friendly interface makes navigating through the software a breeze, while robust functionality ensures that every aspect of your kennel’s operation is accounted for. From managing reservations and tracking pet details to handling customer information and generating reports, iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.16 is your key to achieving operational excellence in the pet care industry. Experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution that empowers you to focus more on providing quality care to your furry guests and less on administrative hassles.

Key Features

1. Reservation Management

Effortlessly create, modify, and track reservations with a user-friendly interface. The software allows you to manage booking details, occupancy, and availability with ease, ensuring optimal utilization of your kennel space.

2. Pet Profile Database

Keep comprehensive records of your guests with a dedicated pet profile database. Store and access vital information such as medical records, dietary preferences, and special instructions to provide personalized care to each animal.

3. Customer Information

Store and organize customer details efficiently. Access client contact information, preferences, and billing history at your fingertips, facilitating seamless communication and effective customer relationship management.

4. Billing and Invoicing

Simplify financial transactions with integrated billing and invoicing features. Generate accurate invoices, track payments, and manage financial transactions effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined and transparent financial process.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into your kennel’s performance with robust reporting and analytics tools. Track occupancy rates, revenue, and other key metrics to make informed business decisions and optimize your operations for success.

6. Multi-User Access

Collaborate seamlessly with your team by providing multi-user access. Assign roles and permissions to ensure secure data management and enhance teamwork in your kennel facility.

7. Automated Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve customer satisfaction with automated reminders. The software sends notifications for upcoming reservations, vaccinations, and other important events, keeping both staff and clients informed.

8. Customizable Settings

Adapt the software to suit your kennel’s specific needs with customizable settings. Tailor reservation policies, pricing structures, and other parameters to align with your business requirements, ensuring a personalized and flexible experience.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 7, 8, or 10


Intel Core i3 or equivalent


4 GB or higher


500 MB of free space

Screen Resolution:

1024×768 or higher

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