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Welcome to Red Gate .NET Reflector

Red Gate .NET Reflector stands as a pinnacle in the realm of .NET development tools, providing developers with unparalleled capabilities in code analysis and understanding. As an essential companion for .NET developers, this software enables users to explore, analyze, and debug compiled .NET assemblies with unprecedented ease. Offering an intuitive user interface and powerful features, .NET Reflector allows developers to decompile and examine code, navigate through assemblies, and understand intricate details of third-party libraries. With support for the latest .NET technologies and a wealth of advanced features, .NET Reflector is an indispensable tool for developers striving for efficiency and precision in their .NET development workflows.

Experience the richness of features that define Red Gate .NET Reflector Developers can seamlessly decompile and analyze compiled assemblies, gaining insights into source code structures, dependencies, and behaviors. The software offers an interactive class browser, enabling users to navigate through code hierarchies with ease. .NET Reflector also facilitates code visualization through the use of interactive sequence diagrams, allowing developers to comprehend the flow of execution within their applications. With support for debugging third-party assemblies and plugins, integration with Visual Studio, and the ability to analyze multiple assemblies simultaneously, .NET Reflector empowers developers to enhance their understanding of .NET code and streamline the development process.

Key Features:

1. Decompilation of .NET Assemblies

Effortlessly decompile and analyze compiled .NET assemblies, gaining insights into source code structures and functionalities for enhanced code understanding.

2. Interactive Class Browser

Navigate through code hierarchies with the interactive class browser, providing a user-friendly interface for exploring and understanding the structure of .NET assemblies.

3. Code Visualization with Sequence Diagrams

Enhance code comprehension with interactive sequence diagrams, allowing developers to visualize the flow of execution within their applications for improved understanding.

4. Debugging Support for Third-Party Assemblies

Debug third-party assemblies and plugins with ease, facilitating the identification and resolution of issues within external code components integrated into your applications.

5. Integration with Visual Studio

Seamlessly integrate .NET Reflector with Visual Studio for a cohesive development environment, allowing developers to leverage its powerful features within their familiar coding environment.

6. Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Assemblies

Efficiently analyze and compare multiple assemblies simultaneously, streamlining the process of understanding and working with complex .NET codebases.

7. Support for the Latest .NET Technologies

Stay up-to-date with support for the latest .NET technologies, ensuring compatibility with the newest features and frameworks within the .NET development ecosystem.

8. Extensibility through Add-Ins

Extend the functionality of .NET Reflector through add-ins, enabling users to customize and enhance their code analysis capabilities based on specific development requirements.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit)


1.8 GHz or faster


4 GB (8 GB recommended)

Hard Disk Space:

10 GB of free space

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