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Welcome to Red Gate SQL Source Control, a cutting-edge solution for version controlling your SQL Server databases. This software revolutionizes the way database developers manage their code by seamlessly integrating with popular source control systems, providing a centralized hub for collaboration, tracking changes, and ensuring the integrity of your database projects. With an array of powerful features and a user-friendly interface, SQL Source Control empowers developers to streamline their workflow and enhance the efficiency of database development processes.

SQL Source Control is your go-to tool for database version control, allowing teams to work together harmoniously, track changes with precision, and deploy database updates effortlessly. Explore the wealth of features that make SQL Source Control an indispensable companion for SQL Server developers, providing a robust platform for database versioning and collaboration.

Key Features:

1. Database Source Control Integration:

Seamlessly integrate SQL Source Control with popular source control systems such as Git, SVN, and TFS, ensuring version control for your SQL Server databases is smooth and intuitive. Manage your database schema effortlessly alongside your application code.

2. Object Level Versioning:

Enjoy granular control over your database changes with object-level versioning. SQL Source Control allows you to track modifications to individual database objects, facilitating a more precise understanding of alterations and simplifying the review process.

3. Schema Comparison and Synchronization:

Utilize powerful schema comparison tools to identify differences between your development and production databases. Effortlessly synchronize schema changes, ensuring consistency across environments and minimizing the risk of deployment errors.

4. Rollback and History Tracking:

Safeguard your database by easily rolling back to previous versions or specific points in history. SQL Source Control keeps a comprehensive history of changes, allowing you to trace modifications, view historical states, and revert to a desired database version whenever needed.

5. Automated Script Generation:

Streamline the deployment process with automated script generation. SQL Source Control generates deployment scripts automatically, saving time and reducing the potential for human error during the deployment of database changes to different environments.

6. Team Collaboration and Locking Mechanisms:

Enhance collaboration within development teams by implementing locking mechanisms to prevent conflicts. SQL Source Control ensures that team members can work concurrently on different aspects of the database without risking data integrity or overwriting changes.

7. Labeling and Tagging:

Organize and mark significant milestones in your database development by utilizing labeling and tagging features. This enables developers to create checkpoints, making it easier to track and reference specific points in the database development timeline.

8. Seamless IDE Integration:

SQL Source Control seamlessly integrates with popular integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio. Enjoy a unified experience as you manage your database version control directly within your preferred development environment.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


2 GHz or faster.


4 GB (8 GB recommended).

Hard Disk Space:

10 GB of available space.

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