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Introduction to Valentina Server 13.9

Valentina Server 13.9 stands as a robust and efficient database server software designed to provide seamless management and deployment of Valentina databases. Offering a comprehensive set of features, this release represents a significant advancement in database server technology. Whether you are a developer, database administrator, or business owner, Valentina Server 13.9 caters to your diverse needs with its enhanced performance, security, and scalability.

With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and advanced functionality, Valentina Server 13.9 serves as the backbone for deploying high-performance database solutions. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal data management and retrieval, making it an ideal choice for projects of any scale. This introduction will delve into key features and system requirements, providing a detailed overview of the capabilities and specifications that make Valentina Server 13.9 a top-tier database server solution.

Key Features of Valentina Server 13.9

1. Multi-Platform Support

Valentina Server 13.9 boasts cross-platform compatibility, running seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This allows developers and administrators the flexibility to deploy the server on their preferred operating system, ensuring ease of integration with existing infrastructures.

2. Advanced Security Measures

Security is paramount, and Valentina Server 13.9 prioritizes it with features such as SSL/TLS encryption for secure data transmission and user authentication. Protect your valuable data with confidence, knowing that the server implements robust security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches.

3. High-Speed Data Retrieval

Experience lightning-fast data retrieval with Valentina Server 13.9, thanks to its optimized query execution engine. The server is engineered for exceptional performance, ensuring that database queries are processed efficiently, even when dealing with vast datasets.

4. ValentinaDB Reports Integration

Valentina Server 13.9 seamlessly integrates with ValentinaDB Reports, empowering users to generate dynamic and visually appealing reports directly from the database. This feature streamlines the reporting process, enhancing overall business intelligence and decision-making capabilities.

5. Full-Text Search Capabilities

Empower your users with powerful full-text search capabilities within Valentina Server 13.9. This feature enables quick and accurate retrieval of information, making it an invaluable asset for applications requiring sophisticated search functionality.

6. Enterprise-Class Scalability

Designed to scale effortlessly, Valentina Server 13.9 caters to the growing needs of enterprise-level applications. Whether you are dealing with a small project or a large-scale deployment, the server adapts to the workload, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

7. Comprehensive Data Modeling Tools

Facilitate efficient database design and management with Valentina Server 13.9‘s comprehensive data modeling tools. The server provides a user-friendly interface for creating, modifying, and optimizing database structures, empowering developers to maintain a well-organized and efficient database architecture.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.14 or later, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or compatible Linux distribution.


2 GHz dual-core processor or equivalent.


4 GB RAM or higher recommended for optimal performance.


Minimum 10 GB of free disk space for installation.


Stable internet connection for license activation and updates.

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